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Vinyl products are an inexpensive way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your home. These products look great, are easy to install, and typically require very low maintenance to maintain both their beauty and functionality. Vinyl fences, patio covers, pergolas, arbors and gazebos are just a few types of vinyl products that come in different colors and finishes to match your home’s aesthetic. Not sure which vinyl product is right for you and your home? While you can certainly make any of these products work in your home, some spaces are better suited for certain vinyl pieces than others. Below we run through which space is right for which vinyl products.

Why Vinyl?

Though vinyl is a man-made material, it is one of the best materials for home beautification products. Fences, patio covers, gazebos, and arbors are traditionally made out of wood and sometimes metal such as cast iron. While these other materials are effective and sturdy, they come with a number of risks that can end up costing you a lot of money over time.

Wooden fences, for example, require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Despite being a popular fence material, they are sensitive to heat, cold, moisture, and dry temperatures. When the day is hot and dry, your wooden fence can begin to dry out significantly. When the weather is cold and dry, wood can splinter or crack.When the weather is moist or wet, wooden products are at high risk for rotting and warping. In addition to rot and warped structure, wooden products are vulnerable to insects. Wet wooden products are at high risk for rotting and warping. In addition to rot and a warped structure, wooden products are vulnerable to insects. Certain insects can chew up wooden products thereby compromising the integrity of the product and sticking you with an infestation of creepy crawlers. This is especially dangerous for gazebos and patio covers since people tend to sit beneath gazebos and patio covers to relax. For arbors and fences, a warped, rotting, cracking fence simply does not look very good.

Cast iron fences and arbors are in the most danger of rust and discoloration. Like wooden products, iron and metal products are not impervious to rain, heat, cold, and other weather conditions. When exposed to the cold and wet, iron fences will rust. When exposed to extreme heat and the sunshine, they will become discolored. Sure you can repaint them, but the cost of labor and supplies will add up over time. In short, it just might not be worth it to struggle with iron and wooden products when vinyl comes with a number of advantages at a lower cost.

The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Products

Vinyl is made from natural (plastic) materials ethylene and chlorine. When combined, these materials create Polyvinyl Chloride resin, which is also known as PVC. PVC is highly durable and incorporates little to no use of fossil fuels in its production. In fact, of the many man-made products out there, vinyl is the most environmentally friendly. Ethylene is found in both crude oil and natural gas, while chlorine is derived from common salt. What’s more, vinyl is a recyclable material, meaning its lifespan goes far beyond the life of your fence, patio cover, gazebo, or arbor. As it is, however, most vinyl products come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee that it can last up to twenty or thirty years. This is thanks to its high durability which makes it immune to the elements, insects, and even dirt.

In addition to these benefits, vinyl products are also incredibly easy to both clean and maintain. They only require attention every few months, and just if the vinyl gets a little dusty or grimy. When this happens, cleaning your vinyl products are a total breeze. So long as you have water, a spray nozzle hose, cleaner, and a cloth or sponge with a little muscle, you can keep your vinyl product looking fresh and new literally all year round.

Fences and Arbors for Smaller Properties

small yard with vinyl fence

For small and average sized properties, the best vinyl products are vinyl fences and arbors. These two products compliment one another and offer your home a quaint look that it easy to maintain. If you’ve always wanted a white picket fence circling your front and backyard, or an arbor (also known as a pergola) framing the entrance to your home, a vinyl product is a perfect choice
If the white picket fence is not really your thing, you’re in luck! PVC comes in a range of colors, decals, and finishes. If you want a wooden fence look without the actual wood, vinyl products can do it. If you want a funky color like yellow or red or even green, vinyl products can do that too. Fences are arbors are better suited for small to medium sized homes because fences and arbors create a cozy look and feel. On larger properties, you run the risk of things looking a little out of place or even cluttered if you opt for a fence to close everything in. Smaller spaces will look simply charming with these products, and there are many options to choose from.

Gazebos and Patio Covers for Larger Properties


There’s a certain elegance to a gazebo-it might make you think of English gardens or large sprawling mansions and country clubs where lavish weddings and parties are held. Patio covers, like gazebos, add a touch of luxury to a home. Not only are they practical for cooling down your yard and creating a space to sit and relax in the heat of the day, they also have a hand in transforming a yard into an oasis. Patio covers are perfectly suited to hang plants from, string lights, put up a hammock, or create a cozy reading nook with outdoor furniture and possibly even a fire pit underneath.

Gazebos and patio covers are recommended for larger properties because the structures alone are large. Of course, patio covers can be made to fit your yard’s specific needs, making this particular product a bit more flexible. For gazebos, you will certainly need ample space both for installation and enjoyment. While you can get a smaller gazebo, these products tend to do best in large yards where there is room to spread out and enjoy nature. For some homes, the yard can even support both a patio cover for the deck and a gazebo by the pool. Again, it all depends on what you’re working with in terms of space and budget. Of course, when you choose the vinyl option for patio covers and gazebos, you are effectively saving yourself quite a bit of change.

patio furniture

Which Will You Choose?

You cannot go wrong with vinyl products, so whatever you choose, you’re making a great choice for your home. Besides making your home more beautiful, vinyl features will raise the property value and the level of comfort you and your family enjoy. Vinyl products offer so much in terms of practicality, functionality, beauty, and investment. They look great, are easy to use, and will last you a long, long time. Why worry about maintenance and other problems with your old wooden or iron fences when you can make the switch to vinyl today? Whatever grabs your eye might be the right vinyl product for you home. Happy choosing!