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Your yard can be one of the most beautiful parts of your home after a renovation. Whether you have just purchased a home with a shabby starter yard, or you’re looking to spruce up the yard you have been living with for many years, there are lots to consider when it comes to yard and lawn renovation. A yard in need of renovation is often one that is drab, dead, cluttered, or overgrown. Aside from the state of the plant life, your yard or lawn might simply need some upgrades. Different pots for the plants, a fresh coat of paint on some of the structures, and other changes could give your yard the renovation it needs. Whatever way you go about it, we have compiled some of the top things to consider during your lawn renovation in hopes that by the end of the process, you’ll have the beautiful yard you have always wanted.


Renovating Your Yard? Here Are Some Things to Think About


  • Reseeding the Lawn: When facing a lawn renovation, the first place to start is reseeding the lawn. You might have noticed your lawn looking a little thin and brown. This could be the result of poor care, extremely dry conditions, or a simple manner of having the wrong type of lawn grass for the climate where you live. Luckily, there is an easy way to get your lawn back to a state of lushness and beauty—all you have to do is reseed it. The best times to reseed are during the spring and the fall depending on where you live. By placing new seed on the thinner parts of the lawn (or going the whole hog and tilling the whole yard so that it is full of fresh, upturned soil before your seed), you can bring your lawn back to life in just a matter of time.  Even if you are sure to water your lawn and cut it frequently, sometimes grass gets old and simply needs to be replaced. This is why reseeding is a great idea anytime. You can even guarantee your lawn looking beautiful and fresh at all times by having a reseeding routine every few years. Learn more about how to effectively reseed your lawn here.

Fresh Grass


  • Opting for More Shade with a Patio Cover: If you have a patio in your yard, it is important to protect it. Bright sunny days or heavy rains can turn a beautiful patio into a bit of a disaster over time. Faded yard furniture and overwatered, overexposed wilting plants are just part of the problem. Without a proper covering, your patio is only fit to enjoy on mild days when the sun is not too bright or it is not too cold. A quick fix that also adds beauty to your patio is to get a patio cover. There are many types of patio covers to choose from—wooden slats that let a little light in, total coverage to keep the elements completely out, and even custom designs you create and choose yourself. To find the perfect patio cover, go here.


  • New Yard Furniture: Over time, your yard furniture can become faded, dirty, moldy, or just plain old. Depending upon the type of yard furniture you have, you may need to get new yard furniture sooner rather than later. For example, if your yard chairs and loveseats have cushions, these can be in danger of becoming waterlogged and moldy after a bout of rain. Similarly, your lawn furniture can fade after an especially sunny summer, giving them a washed out look. In addition to these issues, furniture that is kept outside (even if it is exclusively made for the outside) can become dirty, dusty, stained, torn, and even infested with insects. With this in mind, your yard renovation should include getting some new furniture. Keeping these new pieces in a shaded area, such as under a patio covering or beneath some leafy trees, will likely extend their lifespan considerably. Find some yard furniture options here (as well as here and here), and learn how to weatherproof them here.

Yard Furniture


  • Adding a Touch of Beauty with a New Gazebo: There’s really nothing more magical in your everyday yard than a gazebo. They add a touch of beauty and class to any space and come with many uses—they’re much more than just for show. These delicate features offer a great spot for pictures on special occasions, a wonderful place to sit and talk with friends and family, or else a simple place to read, eat, or just be. Your lawn renovation might not be complete without at least considering adding a gazebo to your space.


  • Repotting the Plants: A simple but profound renovation idea is to repot your plants. This can work wonders for at least two reasons: 1) it gives plants that have outgrown their pots a chance to stretch, grow, and flourish, adding even more beauty to your yard, and 2) you can get creative with the types of pots and planter designs. This is a great way to get crafty with your lawn renovation. Some plants do well in unique pots—such as old toilets (yes really!), watering cans, boots, and old trunks. You can ensure your plant thrives and flourishes while making a totally unique space their home. If traditional pots are more your speed, you still have plenty of options. Many home goods and hardware stores have a large selection of beautifully handcrafted pots in all sorts of materials—ceramic, wicker, plastic, stone, wood, and more. This part of the renovation process is best saved for the end when you are looking more at detail than the big picture.


  • Light Features to Add Some Twinkle and Shine: For nighttime get togethers, evening strolls and parties, and solo sit-downs, light features can add a little something extra to your lawn. There are all kind of light features to choose from. You can illuminate garden paths with lantern installations, showcase yard features or certain plants with spotlight features, and even add a sweet ambiance with string lights around the gazebo, pergola, or arbor. Light features make your yard the perfect place to hang out even when the sun goes down. Check out some landscape lighting options here.

Yard Light Fixtures


  • Switching Your Wood Fencing for Vinyl: If you have had wooden fencing in or around your lawn, chances are it needs to be replaced. While beautiful and rustic, wooden fencing is not the best option for long term protection and aesthetic purposes. Wood is highly susceptible to the elements. It dries out when exposed to extreme heat, swells, and warps when exposed to moisture, and is preyed upon by insects. Over time, your wooden fence will likely rot, warp, or become home to an infestation of bugs. Avoid these issues by making the simple switch from wooden fencing to vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are man made yet good for the environment, great looking yet incredibly sturdy, and impervious to extreme heat, moisture, and even insects. What’s more, vinyl fencing is extremely low maintenance. The occasional wipe down or spray with the hose is enough to keep your vinyl fence free of dust, dirt, and stains for months to come. Also, if you just really love the look of a wooden fence, some vinyl fencing can come made to look like wood, without the drawbacks of actual wood. Check out some great options here.


  • Adding a Deck: A deck is the perfect way to add class and beauty to a wide, sweeping lawn in a big yard. Even if you have a smaller yard, a deck can still be a beautiful touch. Decks are great for parties, outdoor meals, game nights, and much more. This option can also be combined with many of the others mentioned above. Decorating your deck with lights, plants, furniture, and a covering can turn it into an oasis all year round. Check out options for decks here.

Backyard Deck

When it comes to renovating your yard and lawn, there is much to consider. The health of the lawn, the utility of your lawn furniture, and the way you decorate are all important things to keep in mind. By reviewing and considering the mentioned factors above, your lawn renovation should be smooth and successful. When it is all over, we hope you have the yard and lawn you are proud of and a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature.