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Custom Vinyl Gazebos in Orange County

Gazebos add instant glam to any yard or garden while providing not only shade, but also the perfect space to host a few guests. We offer a range of gazebos, in different shapes and styles. Fortunately, if those aren’t what you have in mind, Finyl Vinyl offers custom gazebos in Orange County to ensure we have the right fit for your home.

What To Expect

After you choose your custom gazebo, a kit will be shipped straight to your home. The gazebo kit will include directions on how to easily construct the gazebo, along with clean-cut materials to smoothly piece together the gazebo of your dreams. We are also more than happy to install the gazebo for you.

We have an array of gazebos to choose from, or you can simply use our staple gazebo ideas as inspiration to design your own.Call our design team to initiate the creation of a custom gazebo in Orange County today!

Gazebo Activities

Stylish gazebos offer a great way to get some fresh air without the burden of the sun or rain beating down on you. 

• Picnic
• Nap
• Read
• Party
• Meditate
• Yoga
• Relax
• Board games
• The possibilities are endless!

Custom Gazebos in Orange County

Overall, custom gazebosin Orange County bring a distinctive architecture to any back (or front) yard or garden. Ignite a tropical or whimsical atmosphere and create a quiet space for much-needed time outs, by easily purchasing and constructing a custom gazebo in Orange County. We’re here to help throughout the entire process with any questions, advice, innovative ideas, and/or installation needed!

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Custom Gazebos
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