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Custom Patio Covers in Orange County

Though the weather in Orange County, CA is mostly beautiful, sometimes the sun can shine a little too brightly. When left open, your outdoor patio can get pretty hot on a sunny day, making it an uncomfortable place to hang out, no matter how nice it initially is. At Finyl Vinyl, our beautiful custom patio covers make your patio a livable space no matter what the weather is. We specialize in making the average home’s outdoor patio an oasis where families can spend leisurely time together while enjoying the beauty of their own backyard. Though we offer a variety of patio cover styles, we find that many customers enjoy the custom option, in which they are able to design how their patio cover will look. When working with us, customers find that they get a great product, a great business/customer relationship, and a great price.

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Custom Covers Option

If the three patio cover options available aren't exactly what you’re looking for, Finyl Vinyl also offers a custom patio cover option. This means you can pick and choose the best elements from the other patio covers and design your own, making it the perfect patio cover for your home. It can be as big or as small as you like, contain slats or the completely covered top, and be installed just about anywhere. At Finyl Vinyl, we tell our customers that, “The only thing the same about Patio Covers is they are all different!” No matter what our customers need, we can design it. Learn more here.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

Finyl Vinyl is all about pleasing our customers and offering a quality product that will beautify their home. Our patio covers can actually increase the value of a home, and we offer a number of different looks to make them unique for you. Whether you choose a certain design or a custom patio cover, you won’t be disappointed. Making your home beautiful doesn’t have to be a chore, especially not when you’re working with us.
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