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Is it difficult to install one of your kits?

Our vinyl kits were designed and engineered to be easily installed. If you are purchasing one of our larger structures it may require two people to facilitate the handling of long structural members. Most structures and average size fences can be installed in a matter of a day or two. All kits come with illustrated instructions and unlimited free technical support over the phone. No advanced tools or skills are needed to install any of our standard pergola kits.

Will I need special tools to install my vinyl product?

Our products are designed for installation with basic hand tools. Power drivers will help make the installation easier. You will probably have all the tools needed already. Please review our “What to know before you order” link for further information. The most commonly needed tools are listed below. A list of the exact tools needed for your pergola kit is included with the instructions.

• 4' Level
• Measuring Tape
• Framing Square/Speed Square
• 8' High Step Ladder (Two are recommended)
• Hacksaw
• Power Drill

Will I have to cut any part of my vinyl structure or fence?

Most installs do require some minor cutting to fit your particular situation. Cutting is minimal and should not take a great amount of time, or special tools or skill.

Will your kit mount to my existing slab or deck?

Our kits will mount easily to most surfaces. These include in ground, concrete, wood or composite decks. Our structures may be ordered with longer posts, to allow for installation into the ground. You have two options:

1. Buy our galvanized post towers that can be bolted into the concrete slab with red head bolts. Then the vinyl sleeves will sleeve over the top of the post towers and screw in at the base of the posts and screws will be covered by post base trim.

2. Rebar can be drilled into the slab approximately 4”, epoxied, and then fill the posts with concrete.

- For paver patios, you will need to remove an area of your pavers, install a concrete footing to the top of the pavers, then reinstall the pavers around the new footing. This will give you a secure surface to attach to. The base trim supplied with our columns will then cover up the concrete footing and cut edges of the pavers to ensure a finished appearance.

- For wood columns, you would attach a 6" x 6" Simpson bracket to concrete, and then secure the columns to the bracket.

Please call our “Customer Service Hot Line” for further information. 

What is included in the pergola kit, what else do I need to supply?

The only thing that you may need to buy is a 2x6 wood beam with attachment hardware to insert for the ledger board if you are attaching the unit to your home or another structure. If you didn’t buy post mounts you will either needs wood deck posts to sleeve over or to attach to concrete many people use rebar epoxied into the concrete 4” and then pour concrete in the posts. An average kit will need less than $50 in additional materials, all of which should be available at a local home center.

How long does it take to install a typical pergola kit?

With two people, installation of the pergola kit itself will typically take a professional contractor a day or less, do-it-yourselfers should plan on a one to two day installation.

What if I have questions during the installation, can you help me?

We would prefer that you call us! Most kits are made with no cuts necessary. Never cut ANYTHING without first checking with us. We have a 800 number that you can call anytime.

How do I attach a pergola to my house wall?

Attached pergolas typically include a ledger. The ledger will secure to your house wall using appropriate hardware for your wall type. The rafters of the pergola will attach to the ledger. Our estimators can provide attachment details and hardware recommendations.
Does the pergola kit come with instructions?

Yes. All Finyl Vinyl Pergola kits come with illustrated instructions that take you through the installation process step-by-step. Component and connection details are included so that you know what every part is called and how to put everything together. For custom structures, we supply detailed shop drawings that include column layout, component placement, and attachment details.

How many people are needed to install a pergola kit?

We recommend two people for a standard size pergola and three people for large or more complex custom pergola kits.

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