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Will weather affect my vinyl structure or fence?

Everyday environmental factors like sun, rain and moisture will not negatively affect your vinyl product. Your vinyl product is engineered to maintain its good looks, under even severe weather conditions.

How does your vinyl product stand up to wind and snow?

We add galvanized steel beams inserted into each vinyl rafter over 8’and support beam; this maintains the strength of our structures and adds rigidity for added support. We also offer a metal post insert within each support post for some applications, this provides your structure with superb strength and durability against high winds and heavy snow loads (There are other options as well). Our products have a proven track record; they have withstood winds in excess of 140 mph without suffering any damage.

Can I use my lawn mower and other garden power tools near my vinyl product?

Use caution, with any power assisted garden tool near your structure or fence. Power garden tools may mar the smooth finish of your vinyl product. Avoid hitting your structure or fence with your lawn mower. Taking care to avoid physical damage to your vinyl product will assure a lifetime of enjoyment.

How do I keep my vinyl product clean?

Finyl Vinyl products are designed to be maintenance free and usually only require the occasional rinse with a garden hose and wipe down.  For more stubborn dirt, such as caked on mud or bird droppings you may have to use a sponge or rag to wipe down the unit. Using a mild soap product will help in some instances. Marks made by children’s bike tires and crayons may be removed with a moderate amount of lacquer thinner. Use caution not to let the lacquer thinner sit too long as it can attack the vinyl. Be sure to wipe it off quickly and follow up with a water wash down.

Vinyl is an ideal material to grow vines and plants on.

Vinyl is different or metal to grown plants on. The more that you water your plants the cleaner the vinyl is.  Vinyl will not rust like iron and it will not rot like wood.

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